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    Software integration and customization made simple

  • All your software integrated and synchronized

  • A Start page like no other

    With Hub in place you finally own all your data

    Automated integrations and monitoring for consistency across all your software.
    One place to enter and edit household data eliminates redundant data entry.
    One click single sign-on into each web or cloud based system integrated with Hub.
    Unified view of data from multiple systems in one dashboard.
    Ability to search for data in mulitiple systems without leaving Hub
    Integration with proprietary and legacy software systems.
  • À la carte is the ideal software model,
    but integration has been difficult

    We believe advsiors prefer a software model which enables the selection of best of breed technology. But inefficiencies are perpetuated when these systems do not communicate. Countless hours are spent by you and your staff manually entering and updating data, juggling multiple login credentials, and going back and forth between multiple dashboards.

    Hub enables operational efficiency through the seamless integration of multiple technology applications into a single cloud-based application. 

  • Integration in our industry can be better

    Results from Financial Planning Magazine Technology Survey
    We will make integration work for you!


    All respondents who are "very satisfied" with integration of their various software.


    Dually registered reps that are "very satisfied" with integration of software.


    Independent advisors that are "very satisfied" with software integration.
  • Software Vendors, Product Providers, Broker Dealers and Custodians... We can help you, too!

    Hub's REST/XML web services provide easy consumption of data while eliminating the requirement of writing a different API implementation for every integration partner required by your subscribers. You write once to Hub and gain access to all our integrations. Let Hub manage all your integrations so you can focus on what you do best.

    Flexible and customizable

    Customization to our algorithms allow your subscribers to select the systems that act as the master for each individual data point. Perhaps account information from their reporting software should always "win" during syncs, while the household name should always "win" from CRM software. We understand your advisors have different business rules. Hub is flexible and customizable to meet their unique needs and requirements. 
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